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Jenni Skewes/Horner
Are you looking for Solution Oriented Coaching, Counselling, Hypnosis, Be Set Free Fast or other techniques? Or looking to just bounce some ideas around with a non-involved person. Or maybe you are looking to learn counselling or more about counselling? Or maybe you are looking to learn a valuable counselling technique?

Although situated in Melbourne, Victoria, if you are not close by and looking for some sessions, you may be interested to know that these also work really well on the phone. I can phone you, so you don't have to worry about your phone bill. I am also available for Skype sessions if you prefer.

Whatever has led you to this page, I hope you will enjoy looking around and find what it is you seek and if so, I certainly look forward to hearing from you!

I endeavor to liken my web page to an ever changing coast with the different moods of the sea, this site will continue to have something different for you to experience. Regular Newsletters and Stop Press Moments, the latter which is forever changing, check this page out regularly so you don't miss something that could be of use!

Change Takes Courage

It certainly takes courage to phone a professional, visit and then make the changes. It is important to feel comfortable, safe and nurtured throughout the life changing journey.

I work together with you in a caring, confidential and non-judgemental environment, assisting you to discover your strengths and solutions for desired change, whilst at all times repecting your unique individuality.

So.....I have experienced many years of training, with the desire to bring you my best for your best!

I invite to you take a look around and discover what I can offer you in making your courageous life change!

Life is an Ever-Changing Coastline

Life too, can be like the ever changing coastline. All can be flourishing, with a strong and healthy coverage. A storm crashes in and what previously looked solid and healthy, can crumble away in varying degrees of damage.

At times the coastline can naturally regenerate on its own, other times when the damage is greater, assistance is required where caring people will re-build the dunes and this takes time as they create areas for the sand to rebuild, weed out what is not required and sow new seeds and seedlings.

But as to whether this succeeds is dependent on the activation of nature; different areas with different contributing elements will take different amounts of time to reach their full potential.

So too with counselling, I open a space for you to discover what needs weeding out, what re-discovered strengths need regeneration in order for you to flourish. Activation by you is required to make these changes a reality. And as an individual this will vary greatly from person to person.

Unfortunately at times, despite the care given, seedlings will die and weeds will re-grow and tangle across the previously worked upon area of coastline.

So too a person is not always ready to make the change quite yet, (which is not uncommon with addictions), but this doesn’t change the desired goal. It simply means more work is required - ‘when the weather is right’ - when the person feels ready to give things another go, or to continue from where they are at until they reach their desired goal.

So, there is no failure in therapy, just finding the right counsellor for you and the right time and mood for you to make the changes.

But ‘having a go’ usually leads to it being ‘the very right time’ for you and with your preparedness to work at and make the changes, you can allow for success!