Take time out ...

Winter time already, we recently had some pretty severe storms up this way with a lot of rain and yes, it does get a bit cold up here, but nothing like Ballarat where I came from!

Telephone counselling
Speaking of which, I have been having quite a few phone counselling sessions lately. People who want counselling from me, even when they realise I have moved, have been open to the phone counselling opportunity. It works much better than I imagined

and people simply pay the fees into internet banking or send a cheque before the session. I phone the person so they don’t have to worry about phone costs and I post their receipt and any handouts. I have found that BSFF works very well on the phone!

Skype is another option, but no one has taken that up as yet. But I do find Skype a good way to keep in touch with family.

Settling in
Brunswick Heads is so small that I am finding I am feeling quite at home within the town itself. The shopkeepers know everyone and will wave if they see you out and about. I have joined a swimming exercise class at the Gym. This is literally around the corner, so I just go there in bathers and thongs and walk home for a shower!

I love the ease of being able to become fitter up here, the better weather invites you out walking and Zoe, my dog and I, often walk down into the town to collect the mail rather than taking the car.

Exploring the region
I have had the opportunity to explore some of the surrounding country lately. It really is so pretty up this way and many photographic opportunities await! I explored a very old rain forest with a friend recently; the trees were gi-normouse and reportedly 1,300 years old!

This is at a place called Iluka, another rather sleepy little fishing town and this forest is just behind the dunes and is World Heritage. We had been looking at George Burn’s book Nature Guided Therapy which talks about the importance of being in touch with the environment for our emotional health.

As I walked through this very beautiful spot the air was the sweetest and purest I had ever experienced, I could feel it travel right down into my lungs and found this absolutely intoxicating. The joys of witnessing the beautiful plants growing there and the smells were exhilarating.

There is much documented evidence to support the benefits found in bringing nature into being part of our ‘day to day’ life and a belief that the lack of, has contributed to the rise in depression.

Wherever you live, I would certainly recommend finding more time to get in touch with the experience of your natural surrounds. Even the cities have parks and gardens ~ enjoy!