About Jenni

Jenni Horner (Skewes), PACFA Registered MASOCHA MAHA MACMHN

Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Bachelor of Nursing Div 1 & 3, Grad Dip of Community Health Nursing, Dip of Solution Oriented Hypnosis, Advanced Diploma of Counselling Psychology, Certificate IV Assessment and Workplace Training. Member of ASOCHA and AHA both constituent Members of PACFA, Member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.

One of only ten Authorised Trainers chosen personally by Dr Larry Nims PhD, creator of the Be Set Free Fast Technique, I also have over 30 years experience working in the field of my passion, mental health. Some of this includes Psychiatric Nursing, Managing a Mental Health team in a Community Health Centre, Sessional Training for Vicserv and Teaching Counselling for Ampersand Australia. I continue to teach for Ampersand and as well as Counselling and Hypnotherapy, offer Supervision for Professionals. As a Solution Oriented Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, coming from a strong background in Psychosocial Rehabilitation I am dedicated to assisting people to discover and use their strengths in self-empowerment towards becoming their best. I believe we are continually on a journey of self-improvement.

People so often express amazement that I might have any problems, as if being a counsellor one should be able to live as a ‘super human’ or ‘some shining example’! I quickly point out that we are all human and when we are ‘in our own lives’ so to speak it is the same as for everyone else, it is not as easy to see our own ways of being and ways forward at times! But one difference perhaps is that we have the ability, which doesn’t always mean we do, to recognise we need to make the change and some idea of how that can be done.

Fortunately, accredited counsellors are required to go to regular Supervision which greatly assists us in our own journey of self development. We need to be in our best space to offer you our best.

I was born of English migrants, my parents, both University Graduate Teachers sailed to Adelaide in the early 1950’s and their careers gave me the huge playground of private boys’ boarding schools in Adelaide where I was born, Launceston and Ballarat (much to the envy of the girls in the schools I went to!). However, when your father is the Headmaster, the boys unfortunately do not want to know you!

Those of us who come from this era have experienced many changes already in our lifetime; from living in homes where the radio was all important as there was no such thing as a television – current world news was offered in a crackly reception on a Sunday night on the ABC – to plasma televisions, computers and I-Pods! World news is on offer every day as much or little as we want! Thank goodness for the younger generation who can easily teach us how to work and enjoy all these exciting developments!

I believe I lived a fairly sheltered life in growing up and in that rebellious stage decided I wasn’t going to University but wanted training so took up Psychiatric Nursing with the aim of being independent and leaving home as in those days you worked and trained in the hospital. The man I was with at the time asked me to marry him and I thought, in my immaturity, that this was a pretty exciting idea! It was actually quite ‘the thing’ for girls to marry young. I was only nineteen!

And so my life of many and varied experiences started! Many of my own ‘courageous life changes’ too! Eventually we had two daughters who continue to be a great joy in my life. But the marriage was doomed from the start, neither of us was particularly suited and I discovered it takes more than a good sense of humour in common for a good life union!

On bringing up my young girls on my own, I made a whole lot of new discoveries and eventually drifted into another marriage which brought on a whole different world of experiences. Now, my most recent courageous life change has involved moving to Brunswick Heads in NSW on my own, apart from my dog Zoe.

Despite being rebellious in nature as a teenager, I believe I learnt many great values from my parents who were incredibly adventurous themselves in coming across the world and starting up their lives on their own.

However the attitudes of their generation of ‘getting on with life and not sharing if they weren’t coping’ have made it quite difficult for my generation to admit to themselves that changes are required and deserved. Many of us were brought up with little praise (in case we got a swollen head). These are just a couple of examples of the many attitudes which had many negative effects and produced their own problems. I see many who seek counselling to move on from the attitudes and negative beliefs derived from that era. The War years had a huge impact on my parents’ generation and the world has changed immensely since that time. But following generations also have some of the same and other experiences that bring younger people in to make their changes.

Part of successfully getting though life is to have the flexibility to change with discoveries and growth and I would like to believe I continue to do this. I have never wanted to remain stagnant. We also need to be able to look at ourselves wholistically and constantly work on all areas, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are complex beings!

The value of self education is one real value my parents gave me and this has enabled me to continue to assess and notice when I need to know more and go off and learn, which I have joyfully done and continue to do! And yes, this has involved University education!

Because of this value and my life experiences, I am able to bring to my clients a huge variety of knowledge and differing techniques which can be artfully adapted and offered to the individual who comes to my practice, enabling them to work at becoming their best. Being my best is certainly what I continually strive for in my own journey.