Be Set Free Fast

Behavioural & Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For Resolving Excess Emotion: Fear, Anger, Sadness & Trauma

I am one of ten Authorised BSFF Trainers (for Therapists) chosen personally by Dr Larry Nims PhD from around the world. Added to offering (where appropriate) BSFF for my clients best, I also offer the BSFF Training for Therapists either in 1:1 or as a group workshop over two days.

If you are a client reading this and wish to learn more, scroll a little further down for a more comprehensive explanation to decide if BSFF would suit you.

And if you are a therapist and keen to learn this wonderful empowering technique for your clients (especially if you are trained in EFT you will really like BSFF), I am happy to do 1:1 Tuition or even a small group. Contact me on 03 9395 6968 for enquiries.

Therapeutic sessions include learning the technique and empowering yourself for continuous self-improvement.

I have on offer the new Be Set Free Fast™ technique which is empowering, fast and efficient. By locking a 'Cue' to your Subconscious, you are able to clear unwanted emotions: the cue becomes the trigger out.

  • Remove past traumas without pain
  • Combat anxiety, depression, sleepless nights, addictions and much more.

With this technique I also offer a very successful Be Set Free Fast/Hypnosis Combo for giving up Cigarettes and other addictions.

As a Member of the Australian Hypnotherapists' Association some Private cover is available depending on the Health Benefit Association.

What is Be Set Free Fast™? A brief explanation here and more thorough further down the page if you wish to know more...

Be Set Free Fast is a highly focused Energy Therapy method for eliminating the emotional roots and self-limiting belief systems that are embedded in the subconscious mind, and which automatically determine and control most of our experience, self-expression and behaviour. These unresolved negative emotions and beliefs create and maintain psychological and physical symptoms, which automatically result in mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and life adjustment problems, including many medical and health problems. BSFF eliminates these subconscious programs quickly and gently.

More thoroughly explained...

Be Set Free Fast or BSFF stands for ‘Behavioural and Emotional Symptom Elimination Training For Resolving Excess Emotion, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Trauma’.

BSFF was created by Dr Larry Nims a Clinical Psychologist in the USA who spent years trying to discover a technique that would assist clients to move more quickly and effectively to where they wanted to be. The first Psychologist taught by Roger Callahan to teach therapists ‘Thought Field Therapy’ TFT (people may be familiar with Gary Craig’s EFT which came out of TFT), he enjoyed witnessing the results of TFT and after meeting Gary Craig adopted some of Gary’s ways of working.

In the early 90’s Dr Nims believed the changes people were making through TFT and EFT were more through the ‘intent’ to make the change and came up with the thought around a ‘cue’ that could access the unconscious with the intent to make a change.

Simply put, after instruction to oneself, this cue (a word) would become the trigger out of what ever triggered the unconscious mind into, for example, fear.

I often explain the conscious mind as the CEO of the hospital and the unconscious mind or subconscious mind as all the workers, nurses, doctors, and cleaners etc in the hospital, working diligently to keep it running effectively. They work as trained in the best possible way to keep all as it should be, but sometimes the CEO has new ideas and wants to make changes. The workers are happy with the way things work; it’s always worked for them that way, so resist the change. Sometimes they are working in a certain way that was useful in the past, but no longer serves the purpose of the organisation. BSFF puts the CEO in the driver seat with the ability to make the changes with the workers easily and without pain.

Here are Dr Larry Nims’ explanations of BSFF:

o BSFF utilises the power of the unconscious/subconscious (SCM) mind
o Conscious logical mind is limited in what it can do for us. It can only focus on one thing at a time.
o The SCM has no such limitations. It records all our history and experiences – more than the conscious mind ever notices
o The SCM is able to draw on all of this information and utilise the full potential of our personal resources to faithfully carry out what it has been programmed to do. It will always prevail over the conscious mind; e.g. New Year’s Resolutions
o Emotional roots are the combination of various experiences and their associated feelings: e.g. sadness, fear, anger and emotional trauma. These start in the early months of life. We are often not helped to resolve negative emotions and may develop a punitive attitude towards these ‘bad’ feelings. Many emotional roots are involved in each problem.
o We develop defense mechanisms and various coping strategies to protect us from consciously experiencing these ‘unacceptable’ feelings or expressing them outwardly.
o There comes a point when we make a conclusion about the meaning of these experiences which usually involves judgment and criticism from others or ourselves.
o Emotional roots provided the driving energy for the intensity and persistence of the behaviour. The belief system (the deepest cause) controls the person’s attitude, purpose, direction and intentionality.
o The belief system makes the problem occur at a specific time, for a specific duration, with a specific intensity and for a very specific purpose. It makes no difference that you consciously and logically might prefer a different outcome. Your SCM faithfully recreates the problem on ‘automatic pilot’.
o A ‘problem’ is a set of unresolved negative feelings which arise from a long series of traumatic and emotionally painful experiences which become fused with a belief system.
o BSFF can help you to quickly eliminate all the emotional roots and belief systems which are keeping you stuck. BSFF will empower you to deal with the many of your own problems as they occur.

BSFF (explanation adapted from Psychiatrist Dennis Shum)

o All of us carry emotional wounds from the past

o We also carry negative thoughts arising from these wounds

o These don’t go away by themselves but we can work to remove them

o There is a simple, easy and effective way to do this

o This works much better than simply trying to suppress your feelings

o Beats going over them in your mind and suffering as a consequence

o It works at being mindful in correctly working the mind away from negative mental practice towards positive mental practice

o Once done, you can feel the benefits immediately and the negative feelings will not come back

o Each negative emotional experience carries some measure of sadness, fear, anger, hurt or stress

o If we remove each of these, as in the excess of the emotion, the part that causes concern, there is not much in the way of bad feelings left. So, for example, if we remove the phobia of a snake, we might still not like snakes, but we no longer feel the terror

o We can use our intention to remove the effect of the negative feelings and thoughts

o It is unavoidable that we have both positive and negative emotional responses

o We can learn to recover from the unwanted emotions as they occur

o This way negative thoughts and feelings do not accumulate

o We can use this method to recover from all circumstances in life whether they be outside stresses, inner feelings, illness, accidents, nightmares etc

o BSFF is a life skill that you will benefit from for the rest of your life

The Story behind BSFF™
Be Set Free Fast was created by Dr Larry Nims Ph.D. who was among the first professionals trained in 1990 by Roger Callahan, PhD, in the Callahan Techniques (now TFT-Thought Field Therapy). He has been refining his own BE SET FREE FAST™ programs since 1998, teaching and training professionals in seminars throughout the United States.

For his work in the emerging field of Energy Psychology, Dr Nims is the recipient of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Nims received his Ph.D. in 1964 from Arizona State University and has a lifetime of experience in treating a wide range of problems of chronically mentally ill clients of all ages.

He has extensive experience in clinical supervision, university teaching and consultations to business, churches, schools and hospitals. He is a former assistant professor at the Psychology Department at Chapman University in Orange, where he supervised counsellor trainees.

Read more about Dr Larry Nims and BSFF™ on his Website: BSFF™ Website - USA
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