How I Work

Face to Face

You will be welcomed into my home personally by Zoe and me. The Counselling room is bright and friendly and a warm drink or water is always on offer. I prefer this style of counselling as it give me the full opportunity to offer my hospitality for you and I have all resources at my fingertips.

Phone Counselling

Before moving to NSW from Victoria in early 2009 I had only done phone counselling internationally, on occasion. After moving there, some people from where I had previously lived, who knew of me, expressed they were still keen for me to be their counsellor in what they were working on. I decided to offer phone counselling, even though 'face to face' is my favoured style. I have been really pleasantly surprised at how nearly as enjoyable this can be! I have found that it is certainly just as effective, but I do prefer to be able to welcome my client personally into my home. I am now back in Victoria, so if you are not in the vicinity and believe what I have on offer is for you, please do consider the 'phone counselling' option. It works well!

Enjoy a 'limo' experience of therapy

We view ourselves as cab drivers. Yes, we have a vast knowledge of the city, traffic patterns and various routes to reach any given destination, but the client provides us with the destination and we negotiate the route.
Bill O'Hanlon, Psychotherapist

Some people think it's strange to compare therapists to cab drivers but when you think about it, the passenger who wants to get to his or her destination is in a similar position to the person who wants to get from where they are now to where they want to be.

The passenger knows the destination and trusts the cab driver to find the best possible route to reach that destination. At certain times of the day, one route may be quicker than another. Different passengers may prefer different routes.

So it is with therapy. The person who walks through my door is the best judge of where they want to be and as a 'cab driver' I work with them to determine the best route to their recovery.

I invite you to a limo experience of therapy. Enjoy a choice from a huge range of teas or brewed coffee and be pampered in an aromatherapy environment where your senses can relax in a nurturing environment of candles and soft music.

Totally confidential and non-judgmental

Whoever you are, when you walk through my front door or ring me on the telephone with a genuine wish to create new possibilities in your life, I will support you in a totally confidential and non-judgmental environment.

The initial assessment
We start with a comprehensive assessment of where you are. This is about listening to you and finding what will be most useful to bring about your recovery and make the changes you want in your life. Different people have different needs. Some respond better to certain approaches and prefer particular techniques.

I take time to listen to you and learn about your unique skills and strengths and the changes that you want to make.

Ring me now for an appointment.
Tel: +613 9395 6968