About Zoe

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About Zoe

Hello, my name is Zoe and I am a Welsh terrier, I look a bit like an Airedale, but I am much smaller and not the same breed at all. Our breed is reportedly one of the oldest pure bred breeds. Rumoured to have been popular with King Arthur! So, my Pedigree name is Guinevere, but I think Jenni thinks I fit Morag better at times.

Still, you don't have to worry about me being too mischievous when you visit as I do know how to behave well. I take my job, in atendance for counselling, very seriously in welcoming you as you come in the door and seeing you into the room. If you are a person that likes me, I take the time for a bit of a pat and a chat, then let you get on with your business as I retreat to a comfy spot under the desk, by your feet or under your chair. I will then see you off as you leave. If you are a person who isn't keen, I tend to sense this, so don't expect any conversation from you. If you are the sort that just doesn't like dogs, I can be shut away down the back of the house; you don't even have to see me. Let Jenni know, she is happy to shut me away for you ~ not that I am really happy to be shut away, but everywhere here is comfortable, so it is not a problem for me.

Occasionally I feel like a break and enjoy being out in another room, the garden, or keeping guard on the back porch, but most times I prefer to be with company.

My coat is wool, so I am non-allergenic and don't smell very much. I am given regular baths and because my coat grows I have to get clipped every now and then. I can look completely different. When clipped I look very much the show dog, but as my coat grows I become more like a woolly Teddy Bear. I think this suits my personality much better really, but it gets out of control, so I have to get a clipping every now and then.

Zoe X