Is This You?

You want to take more control of your life so that you can be empowered to be healthy in body and soul but something always seems to hold you back. Maybe one of these descriptions fits your situation.

You've suffered trauma of some kind and now want to put the past in the past. You want to be at peace with yourself, to feel motivated to achieve your goals, and to experience increased self-esteem and confidence as you move on with your life.

Or you struggle to be free of an addiction. It could be smoking, or drinking, gambling or eating, or some other craving that you want to be free of and choose not to follow. You know that freeing yourself from this addiction will give you increased self-esteem and confidence.

Or maybe you are fighting depression or chronic anxiety that saps your motivation and energy and disturbs your sleep patterns. You can't seem to relax and unwind. You long to be able to wake up with a positive orientation to life, feeling calm, confident, energized and motivated to enjoy the day ahead.

Maybe you have an unresolved issue and you've tried other therapies that didn't work. Maybe you found the sessions were too structured and you felt like you were put in a box. Maybe you felt you were treated as if you didn't have a right to a say in your own sessions. Or maybe you felt unheard or that there was insufficient time in the sessions to deal properly with your issues. Or maybe your treatment was dragging out over many visits with no obvious improvement: or even that the sessions revived the trauma and didn't help the anxiety. The therapist presented themselves as the expert (an expensive expert!) and you felt judged and put down. Or perhaps there was an emphasis on medication to 'cure' your situation.

If any of these situations match your own experience, then you will be relieved to learn that at Courageous Life Changes, the client is always the expert on their problem.

The people who get the best results, are those who are prepared to work collaboratively towards their optimum level of well being and to learn skills from my tool bag of techniques to utilize in main stream life. They are prepared to:

- Work with their unconscious mind
- Be future oriented
- Focus on their strengths and
- Take action, one step at a time.