Total Team Treat Menu

  • Positive Continuum (20mins)
    Warm Up
  • Similarity Grouping (10 minutes)
    Warm Up
  • Walk the Walk (30 mins)
    Being aware and accepting differences
  • Reflective Photos (30 mins)
    Personal experience for self
  • Strength in Teams (40 mins)
    Team Self Analysis
  • Calm Touch (10 mins)
    Automated Relaxation Technique for future use
  • Mini Meditations (10 mins)
    A variety of small meditations, so people can discover at least one mini meditation they like enough to utilise
  • Sleep Hints (10 mins)
    Techniques for self-application
  • Be Set Free Fast Cue Set Up (40 minutes)
    Locking a ‘Cue’ into the Sub-conscious to trigger out of unwanted anxieties, including help with sleep.
  • Sensory Awareness Inventory thanks to George Burns (30 mins)
    Discovering a relaxation exercise that suits us completely and recognizing and developing senses
  • Speech Acts (30 minutes)
    Becoming aware of our communication to avoid misconceptions
  • Customer/Complainent/Visitor (45 minutes)
    Understanding these modalities assists you to be more effective with your client work and a preventative towards frustration and burnout
  • Leary’s Wheel (60 minutes)
    Behavioral Wheel of Self-Analysis to enable better communication and results in work and life in general
  • Gifting
    Exercise in allowing others to realise their strengths (60 minutes)
  • Laughter (30 mins)
    Nice way to finish off the day, exercising in laughter.

The timing can change depending on numbers in team and conversations generated, give me a call (02) 66850 444 and speak to me to see which one’s could alter time-wise depending on your team size and how little of large and what you want. There is enough here for more than a full day, but you might like to choose a half day? The Menu is exactly that, you choose what you believe will best suit your team!