Stop Press Moments

Jenni Skewes/Horner

Welcome to my Stop Press Page!

This page will have different things written up at different times. At others there will be nothing. It just depends what I feel like talking about and what I think could be of use.....

I have recently moved back to Victoria to be closer to my family since the arrival of Louis a long awaited grandchild who is just adorable! My Business now runs from Pt Cook on the outskirts of Melbourne. I can be contacted on telephone 03 9395 6968 My old but trusted phone leaps automatically into its old answering machine, so give me tme to answer if I am available or wait and leave a message as I will get back to you.

Whilst in NSW I ran my Total Team Treat Workshop for a local organisation, the team were a great bunch and it was a lot of fun running this with them.

My cousin Robert Parkinson sent me a copy of his Hypnotherapy book a while back now!

Rob, originally trained as a teacher, then because of his love and ability with music as well as his love of literature, decided to become a Jongleur (Story teller with musical instruments). So, Rob would travel around the countryside telling tales for a living. He was so good at this. I remember when he came to Australia and had some bookings here, he let us hear an example of his work. Such a talented man!

When I was studying Hypnosis I thought back to how entrancing Rob was in his story telling and so wrote to him telling him about Milton Erickson, hypnosis and metaphors. Rob then went off studied and trained in Ericksonian Hypnosis and has been running a successful practice for several years now!

This book is an absolute treat for any hypnotherapist who works in metaphor, it would also be an excellent text for anyone studying in the area and a great read for anyone interested in the subject.

I started reading it immediately and found it difficult to put down (again I have two books on the go)! Rob has done an amazing amount of research in writing this book which is very evident in the pages as one reads and there are lots of metaphors and examples of use woven throughout the book. I am still keenly reading!

The book is called ‘Transforming Tales – How Stories Can Change People’ by Rob Parkinson, Jessica Kingsley Publishers I thoroughly recommend it!

I ran BE SET FREE FAST from Anxiety & Stress at the Byron Community College in Mullumbimby once a term over the past few years. This is a small workshop of BSFF in it's simplest form which is great for the general public to learn! I may look to run similar here in Pt Cook if people are interested, just let me know.

I have copies of Inna Segal's latest version of The Sectret Language of you Body $35 plus postage and also Aaron Mclouglan's fantastic book on Sleep which I I have written about below... Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a copy.

I have just read and enjoyed greatly Aaron McLoughlan’s latest book, ‘Better Sleep Sooner’. Who better to investigate and discover for another than a person who has experienced chronic poor sleep! Every twist and turn of not being able to sleep is covered. Like a Sleuth, Aaron has found every contributing factor and then used his amazing skills as a therapist to work out the best way to make the change required. As a colleague and a past troubled sleeper myself and knowing too that sleep disturbances are the most common symptom complained of in the therapy room, I too have over the years investigated and found solutions to assist my clients…but with Aaron’s book, there are even more wonderful solutions waiting to be utilised and discovered (by us all!). One wonderful example for me would be the simple strategy of changing what we perceive as ‘noise’ to ‘there’s a sound..and I am resting’; for people to know their body is resting, even if they are not sleeping, I also like the script at the end that one can record themselves doing, it works too! I recorded it on my I-Phone and drifted off beautifully one morning when my mind was just too busy! There is so much in this book that I like. My experience with clients has always been that one size does not fit all, so having a myriad of ideas to assist for change is always good. I have purchased copies to offer to clients and would thoroughly recommend this read to everyone as even if you feel you have all the tools, you will discover in Aaron’s book, there are more!

I also want to recommend the CD of the same name, which compliments this book, it includes a lovely short meditation on a smile that is a lovely way to start the day or a pick me up, this certainly is a bonus on this otherwise CD regarding sleep. Aaron has a gentle and softly New Zealand accented voice which is easy to listen to and far nicer than my own recording on the I-Phone! So, the sleep session is great too. After purchasing the CD, I have not gone back to my recorded version!