Winter Newsletter 2012

Hello from Pt Cook on the outskirts of Melbourne, Victoria! Yes, I finally made it here (a three full days driving), with the help from a few good and dear friends! For which I am extremely grateful!

Open for business

So, I am open for business and looking forward to seeing clients. I have a lovely Counselling room at the front of my new home in Pt Cook. If you are reading this and know of anyone who could benefit from what I have to offer, please forward this Newsletter on to them. My new phone number is 03 9395 6968.

My old but valued phone jumps early into the automatic answering machine, so please give me time to pick up!

Book a private session or enquire about a workshop

Just as a reminder, apart from Counselling, Hypnosis and Be Set Free Fast, I also offer Workshops. What I have on offer includes Be Set Free Fast Training (Personal and Group), a small Be Set Free Fast from Anxiety and Stress Workshop for the general public (I ran this successfully each term at Byron College in the last two years), Solution Oriented Counselling Training at both a Certificate and Diploma levels, a Team Building Workshop (Total Team Treat) which has been enjoyed by several smaller organisations and StressBusters Workshop (this has been run many times over the past 12 years including several Conferences and a couple of Mental Health Week Days). These are still all available and more can be found about these in the web pages, but also people are most welcome to phone for an enquiry.

Missing my lovely NSW friends

I was sad to say goodbye to the lovely friends I had made in the Northern NSW area as I will miss their regular wonderful company as well as my 'part time workplace Raffles' friends I had made. But hopefully they will come and visit and I will visit too and we will keep in touch. Good friends are never far from your heart, as the saying goes.

Lovely suburb, lovely home, lovely surroundings

This is a very new suburb and I am very grateful for the lovely home I have here. People love living here which I believe contributes to the lightness in energy I feel here. I have already been invited and shared a meal with neighbours! How lovely is that?!

Victorians sure know how to heat their homes, so despite living in a much cooler State, I am not feeling the cold. I rug up well to take my dog Zoe on her daily walk. There is a beautiful Wetlands walk near the Shopping Centre only a few minutes drive from here. It is quite a decent walk, with bridges over the lakes at certain points. Croaking frogs serenade us as we walk. There are lots of birds and beautiful Peppermint Gums too!

In the Northern Rivers region where I was living, the surrounding hills, vegetation and the mountain ranges including Mt Warning were all such enjoyed sights for me. I wondered how I would go with a Cityscape after all that beauty? But I have been pleasantly surprised as I drive around this area; the outlying countryside is very pretty and also has mountain ranges in the backdrops. I have been enjoying spectacular skyscapes as without the close proximity of the hills, one can see the sky for a long distance. I also love the views of the city skyscraper buildings against the backdrop of the Dandenong Ranges in different lights - spectacular!

I guess in reality, it doesn't matter where we are, if we open our eyes we can see and appreciate the beauty in any area when out in the elements!

Sad and tragic news

Very sadly and tragically, the week I moved, my Stepson Nathan Skewes died of natural causes in his sleep. Nathan was only 31 years of age and leaves behind his two beautiful young children Ashleigh and Will. Nathan's lovely wife Lindy died of an aggressive cancer the year before. Nathan's mother is caring for Ashleigh and Will.

I last saw Nathan, just before and at his older brother Adam and Lauren's recent Wedding in Cairns. He was so happy and involved himself fully in the fun wedding that we all enjoyed. He was fully embracing life despite his tragic loss of Lindy and this continued up to the time of his death. The whole family are feeling his loss greatly, as are the many friends he had, it is very hard to come to terms with.

Grief is something we unfortunately all have to experience at times, not only in the loss of our loved ones but also in other losses like pets, jobs and relationships. People also experience grief for losses of life experiences, or even experiences one never had the opportunity to have. I always feel it is important for one to be able to talk freely about one's loss/es. Sometimes this is difficult for people as one has to have a person whom one can feel comfortable talking to.

Obsession and grieving

I recently read that 'obsession' is an important part of grieving, with which I fully agree. Melodie Battie suggests that obsession is an important part of grieving and healing our hearts from loss. She says we need to tell the story of our loss repeatedly to make it real and to believe the story ourselves. This allows us to integrate and accept some thing that is not yet acceptable to us. With the repetition of the story we look at what happened from every direction. Obsession is part of the path to surrendering to loss she says, bringing eventual peace.

I believe this is a good point for people to know as many bottle up their grief, not wanting to concern others. One can always find a counsellor if feeling uncomfortable to speak with friends. I just wanted to make this point as I often hear people say they don't want to bother friends, yet it is important to be supported through an experience of grief. Also many friends are more willing to be an ear than we often realise.

Love being closer to family and friends

On a happier note, I must add that I am loving being closer to my family and many friends. I have been catching up with many who have visited and my lovely grandson Louis is now crawling!

Until next I your lives courageously! Sometimes I seem to live my life by the seat of my pants!

All for now...